Liberty City Joint Operations

Our men and women serves for justice , justice serves for peace , peace will bring down the criminals with bad deeds

Communication code of conduct 

Why we ask for headsets ?  

You all know it is required to have a proper working headset/headphones in this clan to communicate so at all times be prepared to use your headset/headphones during all patroling session. Because when we are giving commands we need you to hear our commands loud and clear.

Problems with a member

Do not MUTE any LCPD J.O members just because you are pissed off at them , tell anyone or a leader that someone in the clan is bothering you , if you mute someone they will be unaware of certain stuff and it will be a misleading communication conduct because what if you mute a leader and he wants to tell you something or talk with you.

If a LCPD J.O member is screaming or talking really loud or talking to much tell them to "be quiet" or kick them once. Ex. LCPD-JO-BLUNT is talking to much I will kick him once like this Ex LCPD-JO-BOSS wants to kick LCPD-JO-BLUNT (then cancel the kicking vote)  

Charging headset 

Please fully charge your headset before patroling with our clan , like %30 of the times when I ask a member for a mic that member will say "mic is charging" or something similar. I mean seriously come prepared and organized don't be unequipped.  


If you don't understand 60% of English then you're wasting your time joining our clan. We don't mean to discriminate anyone but if you can't talk proper English throughout the mic than it will take a long time for us to comprehend what you tell us which thus results in communication lag. 

Members with no headset/headphones

We use to let people with no headset/headphones into our clan but it would be hassle with our clan communication. We don't like it when we are constantly messaging a member without a headset or text chatting a member without a headset its to much time consuming. 


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