Liberty City Joint Operations

Our men and women serves for justice , justice serves for peace , peace will bring down the criminals with bad deeds

The Rules of how we patrol




Welcome to the Rules of Patroling Page. You must read all of this content before proceeding to LCPD-JO-BOSSV2  and/or LCPD-JO-Billy or Other Higher/Team Leader(S) Ranked members. This page will have info on How to Patrol and How to demonstrate responsibility and maturity. 


*Police Vehicles

A ComissionerCo-Comissioner Team Leader and Higher Rank official is aloud to use any  Police vehicles. 


 Senior Police Officer level of access for Police vehicle is a Cruiser & Buffalo   

(Other Police Vehicle might be exceptional during free time/permission)     


A Patrol Officer Unit level of access for Police vehicle is ONLY a Cruiser.

(Other Police Vehicle might be exceptional during free time/permission)


 Police bike access (read further down) 

*We do not occasionally use the Police Motorcycles/Bikes during patrol session for GTA TBoGT. If you want to use the police motorcycle just ask any higher rank personnel or just simply use the police bike.*



Respect is the number one thing we expect from you everyday , you give respect , you get it back. In a normal human society a set of respect towards each other is always mandatory , so trust us , we treat everyone in our clan with respect.       

If you have someone who is disrespecting you whether he/she is in the clan or not don't take the matters personally in your own hands and get angry to start an argument. The mature thing to do is calmly report the issue to another LCPD J.O associate or a high status member. 

Certain Respect Quotes :  

“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” 
― Albert Einstein

“Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”  

― Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Brothers Karamazov 

“Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be.” 

― Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina


Free Mode and Team Deathmatch

We will be Patroling in 2 online modes Free Mode and Team Deathmatch keep in mind these 2 modes will require 2 specific games. Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto : Episodes from Liberty City (GTA TBoGT). For free mode we will be Patroling on Grand Theft Auto : The Ballad of Gay Tony , and for Team Deathmatch we will be Patroling on Grand Theft Auto IV.

How it works on free mode ? Patrol for Free mode is going to be in GTA TBoGT mostly as normally we do now. It will be like normal Public online free mode , anything goes on , RANDOM online players. You will be a cop as always , or whatever your career is in LCPD J.O. But also we will host Private free mode with our own scripted civilians and cops. Blips will be near so if I am near you I will appear in your map if I am nowhere near you I will disappear on your RADAR. The Blips near idea was used around in 2009's until in 2010 were members complained to use normal blips. But then It seemed Blips near is more reality therefore I reorganized the Blips system. 

How it works on Team Deathmatch mode ?  Team Deathmatch mode we would make our own civilians and own police force. So in GTA IV Team Deathmatch is our Patroling mode. Orange team is Civilian , Purple team is the Police Department , Red Team is the Fire Department and Green Team EMS Paramedics. 


Crook 'Suspect'

There is always a crook in Liberty City that's why there are officers in the local area. Here is a loud and clear subject. If you see someone stealing a car , stealing any transportation , shooting at something or shooting a person they will be the 'SUSPECT' . If the suspect is dead and they re-spawned they will be free of charge and won't be a suspect anymore unless crime is committed again.

Best Way to Pursuit a Suspect :

Do not just randomly chase a suspect and start killing him , killing him is wrong you first ask him to pullover if he refuses try to use great knowledge on how to preform a P.I.T Manuveur  , if you aren't close enough to preform a P.I.T Manuveur , try to use your gun in vehicle to shoot out the Suspects TIRES.


Police Tips (Helpful)

Rule no.1 : Do not kill a suspect for any random reasons , kill/or arrest suspect when deadly force is used and brandishes a weapon.

Rule no. 2 : Listen to the objectives given by dispatcher of Higher Rank officials.

Rule no. 3 : use the apporiate police vehicle assigned by LCPD J.O



If you are in LCPD J.O , LCPD J.O is your ONLY clan that you must be in on GTA. You CANNOT be in another active GTA clan at the same time. You may participate with clans that we are allied with but you have to tell LCPD-JO-BOSS in order to participate in an allied patrol. So do not go wondering off patroling with another LCPD clan on gta without letting LCPD-JO-BOSS notice

You must be active in our clan , if you are inactive for over 1 - 2 months in our clan you will be marked as a SKIPPER therefore you won't be able to rejoin our Patrols , Clan activities until your contact is made again. Exception for being offline over 1 - 2 months is if your "PS3 broke" , your on a "vacation" , you are "injured or medical problems" not allowing you to move YOUR BODY or if your "dead".

Our clan expects each members to be online on their LCPD account minimum of 2 Patrols each week , Maximum 4 Patrols each week.Its not alot to ask for.We don't want our members to be on every single day as it could affect members education learning process and more. Yes we care about others success we aren't greedy clan that expects you to be online everyday addictively. So its your choice if your online alot but minimum is 2 days per week will mean you are a active member.


Car Damage

If you're roaming around in your assigned patrol area make sure to see whats the status of everything around you. If police vehicle looks badly diminished quickly go towards the nearest health pack. We do this method to make our dedication towards the police department.

Tip: The health pack will be displayed in the blip as green plus. Example of the health pack : + 


N.O.O.S.E APC Tank & Heli Regulation 


N.O.O.S.E APC Tank : Must have the proper abilities to use one. Must be registered towards valid users. Higher ranks officials are aloud at any times. Simple rule DO NOT CRASH INTO ANY OBJECTS ex. vehicles , street lights , poles and so on. 

Any Heli Transit Must have the proper abilities to use one. Must be registered towards valid users. Higher ranks officials are aloud at any times. If you have a hard time flying a helicopter examples : crash landing , hitting objects (buildings etc...) , bad aiming , and so on you will be asked to descend/leave your helicopter. 

 Tip: The main reason a Helicopter is used is because to spot enemies on ground , eliminate air threat and terrorist attacks. Do not use a helicopter during a small traffic stop.

Tip : You are aloud to use a any of this mentioned transportation if a major threat is occurring so let just say you are ranked a patrol officer and we are in free mode and a random person is killing you from heli or their are a lot of people making it impossible to stop the crime then you are allowed to use an APC tank or helicopter at any given time by the command of the higher ranks.


Member vs Member Problems 

If you are a member of this clan and you've had another member of this clan bothering you please ignore the instigator of the problem.

Simply report your problem here: or post it on the forums. 


Traffic Regulation

If you are driving during a shift make sure to follow the traffic regulation.

Traffic Regulation 1: Don't cross a Red Light during a normal patrol period. Only exceptional during chases or something similar. 

Traffic Regulation 2: Do not hit a object or vehicle alot.




Strikes will be used if there's any bad action from any members. If you get 1 strike your alright ,if you get 2 strike your in a bad situation and if you get 3 strikes you will be Suspended  2 patrol periods or 2 days Suspension. Once you've served suspension strikes punishment remember to make a better effort because your progress can decrease.

               Points To Demotion (PsD)

 The year 2008 till now many police officers have been caught making alot of small mistakes and have been continuing their mistakes except now the population of mistakes are increasing and members have been decreasing due to not following orders. So the new PsD (Points to Demotion) will help police officers think twice before making any wrong move. Members will always use the words "sorry" or "my bad" but they won't really mean it. The Comissioner of L.C.P.D Joint Operations have understand you've come along with this clan but that doesn't means you will be ignored if you break a rule. You will be losing points.