Liberty City Joint Operations

Our men and women serves for justice , justice serves for peace , peace will bring down the criminals with bad deeds

***Displaying members on Team Page***


                       ***HOW WE DISPLAY MEMBERS***

  • This is how we display a member on the LCPD J.O Teams List. (Look Below)


LCPD-JO-BOSS (Ridthearmy) Unit Number # 245  

  • Members will be displayed above their ranked mentioned. So LCPD-JO-BOSS is a commissioner a photo will be displayed to represent his rank.
  • The member's LCPD J.O PSN ID will be displayed first , then the members original PSN ID will be displayed in the brackets. We sometimes also give some members a Unit Number on their own will.
  • As you can see in the example , LCPD-JO-BOSS is the members LCPD J.O PSN ID. Ridthearmy is the members original PSN ID and Unit 245 is LCPD-JO-BOSS's Unit Number.
Ex. LCPD-JO-BOSS (Ridthearmy) Unit Number # 245  

*** If you see an arrowed Message *** 


                           ***ARROWED MESSAGE ON TEAMS LIST***
  • If you see a message besides a members PSN ID with a arrow colored message ex.1 RED(←TERMINATED) ex.2 or  ORANGE(SKIPPER INACTIVE ) . Read below to find out why !!! 
Ex of Terminated Message. 
Ex. of Skipper Inactive Message  

   SKIPPER INACTIVE  = Not attending on LCPD J.O for a long time and is potentially not participating in our clan activies anymore. Skipper Inactive means you left without informing us or you just don't attend patrols. Skipper Inactive members arent considered kicked out of the clan so Skipper Inactive members has a chance to redeem their LCPD J.O loyality by returning .

  ←TERMINATED = Kicked/Banned from Clan. No contact should be made with Terminated personal. You will be considered terminated if you had an major issues like you went against clan policies and you were downgrading the clan and/or you were against the clan.