Liberty City Joint Operations

Our men and women serves for justice , justice serves for peace , peace will bring down the criminals with bad deeds


This page will tell you exactly what we will test you on. We do not expect any recruit to come on COUNCIL/Training unprepared so this page will help those who needs to aquire this in order to proceed in COUNCIL/Training.

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                                      LCPD J.O COUNCILING/TRAINING STEPS

Step 1 – Traffic Stop

We will train you on how to perform and complete a traffic stop. The very well known is whenever someone crosses a red light , goes over the speed limit you must pull them over always the right side were you are driving for driver safety (near the sidewalk on your right). The officer (you) pulling over the suspect in a car must have a clear path park. So make sure to leave your car ½ vehicle step away for better safety and better reliability. Once you pull over the suspect call dispatch telling dispatch you pulled over suspect specify details and get out of your car with sirens on and go over to the driver. You first ask the driver If he knows why he got pulled over , then you ask the driver for L&R (License & Registration). Then you go back to your car check the drivers background (10-29 : Checking Records for Person/Vehicle). Just check how many times he got pulled over previous history on the Text Chat . If he is clean give him citation (warning) for speeding then tell him have a nice day and be safe.

If his record is bad give him a fine and check out his vehicle for safety issues incase the driver is drunk.

Step 2 – Codes Precautionary



 In this test you are taught Codes.

- Code 1 : No lights and sirens, respond to a call following all respective traffic laws.

-  Code 2 : Partially using Sirens (flicker sirens) to get through heavy traffic or a red light driving aggressively through traffic.

-  Code 3 : Lights and Sirens , responding fast as possible to a call. 

-  Code 6 : Chase vehicle without any aggressive physical contact from car.

-  Code 7 : Chase vehicle with P.I.T Maneuver

-  Code 8 : Chase vehicle shooting out the tires only  

Step 3 – Dispatch

 -Pursuit: If you are in pursuit call dispatch and inform dispatch information about : street were abouts , Vehicle model , Vehicle Colour , Number of Passengers and if shots fired has been made.                                 

-Proper way of codes : If you are specifying any LCPD Radiocodes please specify it. Do not just say the code number.                                                                                                                                             

Bad Way : 10-98.                                                                                                                                Correct Way : “ Dispatch 10-98 Back up Required at "Middle Park East,Algonquin”.

For LCPD J.O Radio codes check out

Also we will teach you more codes during training.

Step 4 – Driving

This training is were we will train you. We will mark a checkpoint for you in were to arrive to the destination , but you must follow traffic laws and do not drive fast.

Also the 2nd part we will make a police car formation , this formation is a required test to see if your able to make surge drills and gather ups with other officer.


Step 5 - Tactics

We will train you in your tactics. During pursuits and on foot actions. We will explain this on PSN.

Step 6 – Meeting Spots and Hideouts

We will show you various hiding and meeting spots on GTA TboGT & GTA IV.